How to unlock your Blocks, Unwind the Autoimmune Epidemic
& Re-Ignite YOUR Healthy Body!

Lynn had so many client sessions dealing with Autoimmune symptoms that she had to check in with the energies. She pulled in 10,000 random bodies from around the world to play with and found that 10% actually had been diagnosed with an Autoimmune disorder. However, 90% of the bodies had Autoimmune symptoms!

She created this series as a way of helping those whose body's are attacking their own tissues; disorders such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Interstitial Cystitis, Grave's Disease, Type 1 Diabetes, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis & MUCH MORE!

Questions to ask yourself...

• Are you currently taking medications to reduce the immune system's abnormal response
• Are those medications causing you to have worse side effects than the disease itself?
• Do you feel like you are the effect of your Autoimmune Disease with symptoms such as Chronic Fatigue, Fever, General ill-feelings, Joint Pain and Rash?
• Are you tired of taking supplements to replace a substance that the body lacks, such as thyroid hormone, vitamin b12 or insulin, due to an Autoimmune Disease?
• Are you ready for a NEW lease on life?
What is an Autoimmune Disease
and how does it affect ME?

What is an Autoimmune: When the immune system functions normally, it produces a response to protect the tissues against harmful or foreign pathogens such as bacteria, parasites, and viruses. Autoimmune disorders arise when the immune system misidentifies some of the body's own tissues as the pathogen and attacks the body using the auto-antibodies created by the immune system. Those attacks cause inflammation and the tissue damage that lead to Autoimmune disorders.

How it works: Science says you can genetically be predisposed to an Autoimmune Disease. However, it does not become active unless triggered by an environmental or infections trigger. Lynn will give your body the energetic formulas and upgrade your immune system to recognize where your body is attacking you.

​Process Preview
"Sometimes when we get diagnosed, we hold onto it so tight…"

Lynn will also cover the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are possibly creating your Autoimmune Disease, such as:

• "My Autoimmune disease(s) cannot be healed, or even improved"
• "Your tests are all normal - nothing is wrong with you!"
• "I feel like I have no control over my illness"
• And many more!

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What if...

  • Outside energies are at play in your life?
  • You are not always in "the driver seat" of your body i.e "the party bus"?
  • You & your family are still under a familiar curse or hex?
  • We don't require portals (gateways) to astral or dimensional travel anymore?
  • You could enlist other beings to assist you in your life?!

This series will give you more clarity on types of the Entities on the planet; assist in clearing Curses, Hexes & Entities interfering in your life; and remove any implants or residue left in the body! 

IMG_0779Known as "The Body Channel" she energetically dives into the bodies of her clients (such as the nervous system, organ systems…). The body talks to her showing her areas of "dis-ease" AND the means to change it while she is in there!

Lynn is the Creator of The Body Channel, a Certified Color Therapy & Tuning Fork Master, Reiki Master. Everything affects the body stress, seeking relationships, entities, money flows and more - Lynn deals with it all! 

"Life is like Play Dough, if you don't like what you have created, Laugh at it, Smash it, and create something new!"

Introducing The Entities Series!

Listen to the FREE Intro Call Replay below!

Here's what some participants had to say:   "I just wanted to thank you for the portal work today. It proved to be a very beautiful experience for me. And it did go like butter It was so unexpected to have the opportunity for this to be done. I really felt the dedication and diligence this guardian gave of himself. It was very important for me, like an imprinting, of experiencing what had been a long standing relationship between this guardian and 'myself.' My Intercostal muscles are all calm now and my hemorrhoid is doing substantially better! It must be a most satisfying and gratifying life you lead" -  KR, Canada

The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors

"I love this series. Thanks Lynn!" -  Brenda, Olympia, WA

"Love this series...THANK YOU!"  -  Teri  "Wow Lynn. I am feeling a lot of activity in my third eye and am yawning a lot. Great work!! Whatever you are doing is helping me to release something big. Many thanks!!!" Lori K., Fallston

The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors

  "Wow I have been burning up and itching and saw something funny go out of my body. Thank you," - Helena H.

The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors


Total Package Value $1200
ONLY $247.00 USD

Shortly after working with Lynn, clients report spectacular results:

  • More Control Over Their Life!

  • Body Issues Go Away when the Entities Go Away!

  • Sensation of Feeling Like a New Person, New Likes & Dislikes!

Module 1: Entities 101

  • Are You Being Affected?!
  • Are all Entities Bad or Malicious?!
  • What if Entities could Contribute to You & Your Life?!
  • What are Some Common Entities that are around: Golem, Nature Spirits, D' Jinn, Demons & Elementals
  • What other Races are in our Spaces?! (Draconians, Reptilians...)

Module 2: Walk-In's

  • Are you a Walk-In?!
  • Is your Inner-Child having Tantrums and Misbehaving in Your World?!
  • Do You Have No Memory of Your Childhood Before a Certain Age?!
  • Have you Ever Been Regressed & Couldn't Feel the Feelings of a Point or Time in Life?

Module 3: Implants, Devices & Portals

  • Do You Feel like Appendages are Not Yours?!
  • Do You Feel like You Have Metal or Foreign Objects in Your Body?!
  • Are You a Portal or Do You Have Portals on Your Property?!
  • How Can You Tell if You Have Implants, Devices or Portals?!

Module 4: Curses, Hexes, Spells, Voodoo & Black Magic

  • Do You Walk Under a Black Cloud and Just Feel Cursed?!
  • How Many Spells Have You Put on Others That Are Still in Place?!
  • Are of These Energies by Name Harmful?!
  • Are You Still Practicing Today & Don't Even Realize It?!

Module 5: Entity Outer Body Clearing

  • Do you feel trapped like a prisoner in your OWN body?!
  • Do you wake up in the morning feeling completely 'hijacked'?!
  • Do you often feel tired, restless & insecure?!
  • Are you ready for a new possibility with Entities & your Body?!

Module 6: DELUXE Unfinished Business Upgrade

  • Be willing to acknowledge the sorcerer, sorceress, alchemist…you have been!
  • Be willing to assume – assimilate this power into you again!
  • Be the energy of Master Creator!
  • Be the Power, Potency!

Module 7: DELUXE Technology & Entity Residue

  • How to release the residue of Psychic attacks such as:
  • • Italian curses
  • • Evil eye
  • • Indian curses
  • • Family curses

Here's what some participants had to say:

"You cleared me as a walk in and things have changed so amazingly since that call. Thank you so much!" -Patricia

The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors

"Thank you for the entity clearing as I’ve been having odd issues lately. My lower back and hips feel better already!!  I am learning a lot from you. Much appreciated!” -Lisa

The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors

“I don’t know what entities you removed, but my husband is completely changed. We get along much better and he doesn’t get rattled about everything like he used to. He is now more like the man I met 15 years ago. It’s amazing to see such a huge and sudden change in a person you know so well.” -Mary

The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors


Total Package Value $1200
ONLY $247.00 USD

"Thank you for my 1/2 hr session this morning.  My Body had focused primarily on your communicating with some entities and 'body parts' residing inside of me that was messing up my food digestion.  No ill-will having been intended...the Draconians and Archons had messed with my food imprint before incarnating.  I just wanted to share something that happened soon after our session. I was thinking about my auric field and why it had been so vulnerable.  I saw this energetic funnel go up from me.  It weaved slightly but then made a distinct bend at the top off to the side a little.  There I saw the group energies of the Draconians.  The energetic funnel was shown to me as the collective unconscious of the suffering/negativity/low energies.  Not only were the Draconians accessing Earth through this energy they were also adding to it.  Because I had had the pattern (up until this morning!) of jumping into the mire of the collective in order to help people, my attachment to the collective field also made me open to the Draconians shenanigans.  What was beautiful was that after I was shown all this this brightest of light and energy emanated throughout my body and flooded out the way.   For your wonderful work, THANK YOU"

- Karen, Australia

The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors

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