Welcome to Benefit A Buddy 2017!

Lynn really wants to help YOU & Your buddies journey to better health! Lynn would like to record a new version of Happy Hormones & Total Body Cleanse MP3s from the Detox MP3s set and really upgrade the energies and catch new items not in the current Detox MP3s, but she needs your help in 2 ways:

  • What do you know – What have you run across that you feel can be changed with this version – Lynn will research it energetically and include it! We will be sending out surveys to gather your input.
  • Invite a friend – Everyone knows someone with health issues from Chronic Constipation to major Auto-immune issues to Cancer.
  • If you sign up 3 buddies or more you will receive not ONLY The Detox MP3 Upgrades for FREE, but a $50 gift certificate to The Body Channel Store as well
  • *coupon code cannot be used on sale items or items for sale on a telesummit.*

Benefit A Buddy Guidelines:

  • Your friend, family member, best friend, etc. needs to be a willing active participant in creating new energies for these new MP3s & BRAND NEW to The Body Channnel Community.
  • Brand New means: Your buddy is not subscribed to The Body Channel Newsletter & does not have any version of The Detox MP3s.
  • In order for your friend to be able to give input we will be gifting them the current Detox 7!
  • You and your buddy/buddies give us input as to what you feel needs to be added THEN you BOTH get the upgrade for free! We want the FEEDBACK!

How Do I Sign Up?!

You must be a current subscriber to our newsletter & fill out the form on the right!

After you submit the form we will verify the information & you and your buddy will receive call in details & dates in a email within 3 - 5 days.

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Expert Testimonial

"I have been an Alternative Healthcare Practitioner for 15 years. I practiced at one of the largest alternative clinics in the Southeast and have help hundreds of people reverse chronic diseases, come off medications and live happy, healthy lives.

The biggest thing that sets alternative health care apart from the rest is finding the root cause of disease. Many people can suffer from the same disease but their root cause of the disease can be different. Even people in the same family with the same disease can have a different root cause - we are all unique. In my clinical experience, there are five main reasons people become ill:

  1. Toxins - chemicals, plastic, pollution
  2. Heavy Metals - mercury, aluminum
  3. Inflammation - mainly from diet
  4. Immune Suppressors - bacteria, fungus, mold, viruses
  5. Endocrine Disruptors (molecules that act like hormones) - plastic, phyto-estrogens, medications.

In order for our bodies to heal these stressors have to be removed or handled. The human body is designed to handle stress but over a lifetime of constant stress it can get overloaded and disease will manifest. Once these stressors are handled the body can heal itself pretty quickly." - Dr. Jennifer Conway


Sept. 19 @ 5:00 PM EDT

- Total Body Cleanse 4.0

Sept. 22 @ 5:00 PM EDT

- Happy Hormones 4.0