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As a Medical Intuitive, Lynn Waldrop is known as “The Body Channel” and Lynn has worked with hundreds of thousands of clients in over 171 countries & has 30 years of energy work experience.

She energetically dives into the body of her client anywhere in the world AND the body shows her the dis-ease and dis-harmony and how to change it! Her work includes not just the physical issues but the thoughts feelings and emotions, and even entity work!

Lynn empowers her clients to be BFFs with their body and create a more magnificent life.


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• Sep 24: Monthly Group Call Topic - Breakaway from your Family History & Ancestry @ 4:00 PM EDT

You don’t have to have the same fate and illnesses as your family members. Though you cannot control your family tree, we can change the habits, diseases and unwanted traits that have been known to be passed down by family members... LEARN MORE HERE

• Oct 5: Reproductive Series Live Call @ 5:00 PM

• Oct 9: Reproductive Series Remote Remedies Begin

• Oct 16: Sleep Series Live Call @ 5:00 PM

• Oct 18: Sleep Series Remote Remedies Begin

• Oct 22: Monthly Group Call Topic - Healthy Mind, Healthy Body! @ 4:00 PM EDT

Prevent Stress, Anxiety, Depression and other Mental & Emotional Health concerns before they become an issue! Let’s Celebrate World Mental Health Day (October 10th), the whole month of October! That’s why Lynn is working with preventative energies around your Mind & Body & Stress this month.... LEARN MORE HERE

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