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As a Medical Intuitive, Lynn Waldrop is known as “The Body Channel” and Lynn has worked with hundreds of thousands of clients in over 171 countries & has 30 years of energy work experience.

She energetically dives into the body of her client anywhere in the world AND the body shows her the dis-ease and dis-harmony and how to change it! Her work includes not just the physical issues but the thoughts feelings and emotions, and even entity work!

Lynn empowers her clients to be BFFs with their body and create a more magnificent life. Learn more about her Life CHANGING Detox MP3s below


Joint Health Series

One minute people are healthy and mobile and the next they have trauma to a joint and all of the sudden their life comes to a halt

With the extensive number of requests that Lynn has been getting from her clients, she has mindfully created a series all about JOINTS! There are literally hundreds of the joints in your body and we will move thru all of them to help you regain mobility, move with ease, reduce inflammation & stiffness and conquer the pain!

But wait, this series is also designed to PREVENT joint issues from happening in the first place not just heal them after an injury ..

⇒ strengthening the muscles, tendons and ligaments and joint attachments

⇒ lubricated your joints to keep then moving pain free and prevent injury in the first place

⇒ In addition to the safeguard energies, she will be addressing existing and lingering joint issues in your body that have been a result of Autoimmune disorders, minor injury and catastrophic trauma to the body.

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• Starting Sept 18: Fight The Fatigue Energy Series - Remote Remedies Begin... Learn More NOW!

• Sept 23: Monthly Group Call Series - Phytochemicals Part 2 + Trust @ 4:00 PM EDT

In this dynamic Monthly Call Series, Lynn will be energetically nourishing and feeding your body the nutrients that it desires for optimal health all while clearing the most common TFE’s (Thoughts, Feelings & Emotions) creating that illusion we call dis-ease. Free the Soul Clearings on releasing discontent and malcontent so that you can create Joy, Playfulness and Happiness in Your Life..Learn More NOW!

• Sep 25: Interview: You Wealth Revolution - Joint Health Series @ 4:00 PM EDT

• Oct 3: Fall Mentorship Level I - Group Call #1 @ 7:00 PM EDT

• Oct 14: Body Channel Halloween Sale

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