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As a Medical Intuitive, Lynn Waldrop is known as “The Body Channel” and Lynn has worked with hundreds of thousands of clients in over 171 countries & has 30 years of energy work experience.

She energetically dives into the body of her client anywhere in the world AND the body shows her the dis-ease and dis-harmony and how to change it! Her work includes not just the physical issues but the thoughts feelings and emotions, and even entity work!

Lynn empowers her clients to be BFFs with their body and create a more magnificent life.


Summer Solstice 2017

It's time for another solstice call, but the planetary energies still don't want to shift by the summer solstice in June.

So Lynn wants to wait for the shifting point and host a "Delayed Summer Solstice Call".

Join us on July 5th at 2pm Eastern to clear out all of those energies that have left you feeling stuck lately.

Only $20! + it's FREE for Monthly Call Members...learn more about how to become a Monthly Member below.

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Our Events Are Listed in EDT: The clock below should show our current time

• June 6 - July 7: Stress Series Remote Remedies Released

• June 12 - July 12: Body Boost Remote Remedies Released

• June 26: Stress Series Call #3 @ 5:00 PM EDT

• July 4: U.S Holiday - 4th of July

• July 5: Summer Solstice 2017 @ 2:00 PM EDT

• July 14 - 25: Christmas In July Sale

• July 16: Monthly Group Call Topic - Pre-op & Post-op: Procedure Preparation and Recovery @ 4:00 PM EDT

The Pre-op and Post-op Call’s job is to transition you in and out of your surgery with as little pain and worry as possible whether you are having an in-patient or out-patient operation or procedure... LEARN MORE HERE

• July 19: Real Raw You Interview with Jeneth Blackert @ 8:00 PM EDT

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