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 I call this “Take a Dive into Health” because that is exactly what happens. When I work with people I literally dive into the many systems of the body: Nervous, Endocrine, Circulatory, Muscular & Connective Tissue, Organs, Digestive, Lymphatic, Immune, Reproductive, Respiratory, Urinary, Skeletal & Interaugmentary. For most clients it is as if I was literally shrunk to whatever size I need to be to pass through that part of the body. The body talks to me the entire time showing me problem areas and whatever is required to do to change it- whether it be frequency baths, adding alkalinity to change pH, dissipating growths, activating organs and cells, and much more!. All of this using the consciousness of YOUR body! Some of the most common ailments I have worked on include things like: candida or yeast over-growth; spinal adjustments; cleaning out plaque and more from arteries and veins; tuning the endocrine system to alleviate thyroid problems, change menstrual cycles or menopause issues and prostate problems; detoxing the body including heavy metals, chemicals & parasites; immune system boost and clean-out; inflammation reduction; soothing symptoms of IBS Colitis, Crohn’s and other digestive issues; and much more!!! I even work on animals!

Would you like to Take a Dive into Health? 

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One of my gifts is that bodies love to talk to me! Whatever is going on in your body that is causing dis-ease or discomfort, Your body will will show me as well as how to change it!  I have been called a “Medical Intuitive on Steroids” and my clients are enjoying pain free release from the issues that have plagued them for decades sometimes!

Here’s what Dr. Mark Armstrong, ND (Naturopath & Acupuncturist) has to say:

“Lynn’s remote healing evaluation was right on track. I am a Naturopathic Doctor and I use Biofeedback to evaluate my clients. Both Lynn and the Biofeedback found the same patterns and pathogens – what a gift!!  I never mentioned to Lynn that I had a herniated L4/L5 vertebrae in my spine and she picked up on an attachment locked in L4. That’s better than an X-Ray or MRI because she got rid of the attachment and my back feels better! Now that’s a Medical Intuitive, I believe!“         Dr. Mark Armstrong

How it all began 20 years ago!

“One of my best friends had a grandmother that fell into a coma and she asked for my assistance in finding out what was wrong because the doctors could not figure it out. I went into meditation and woke up in her hospital room 750 miles away, speaking with her telepathically and asked if I could dive into her to find out the problems. I dove into one system and jumped out and dove right back into the next system (such as cardiovascular, nervous, digestive…). I had been shown 2 things wrong and even the names of the tests that would show the problems and at the time I didn’t even understand the problems and never heard of the tests. I called my friend and she was grateful and she had to talk her mother into talking the doctors into running these tests. They seemed unnecessary and off-track but her mother had a way of persuasion they could not refuse. The tests showed everything I had received was correct. Truthfully it really kind of freaked me out!”  Lynn


All of this from the comfort of your home, the work is done completely remotely.  We set up and appointment, I contact you when I am about to start, then I contact you again when it is over.  Most bodies can only handle about 45 minutes of work and then we talk about what you experienced and what info your body gave me and what I worked on.  Most clients can feel me moving quickly from place to place within the body and it is amazing how much the 2 experiences match up!

No more hip pain! “The healing session was quick and efficient. Lynn dove right in, literally and started working on my brain, nervous system, spine, glands and more. I could feel her healing hands working on each area. My body was twitching and moving as Lynn worked on me. I actually felt her hand on my thigh and I looked to double check she wasn’t physically in the room with me. At the end of the session I felt like I was stretched out, as if I’ve grown a few inches. My hip pain was gone.”  Denise
I listened to the body MP3 and a few hours later went to get changed. As I ran my hands up my body , I thought, wait, where are my breasts..they have lifted.  whipped my shirt up and was surprised to see them lifted and bigger. So shocked I ran to my mother and started showing them to her. (Believe me I have never shown my mum my breasts that is how shocked I was.) My mum was also shocked, asking  ” Where did you get those from ??” and I told her..she had also listened to the MP3 so we had a check of her breasts..nothing, she was disappointed. Look she says ” I have old lady breasts..” she is 65. She listened again to the Body Boost mp3 and that night she came into my room so excited, her breasts had also changed, they had become fuller and had also started to lift she was so happy.    Helena

“When Lynn dove into my body I was mildly interested to see what she found since I am generally a healthy person. I had not shared anything about my health with Lynn. But she immediately picked up on the fact that my gall bladder was missing. I was shocked! For to go straight to my gall bladder which was the only dysfunction I had was remarkable!!! She also picked up on the fact that I didn’t have any serious organ or system dysfunction and just needed a bit of detox and I felt a most definite rejuvenation from her clearing and was in high vibration after that. Since I interview gifted people on a daily basis, I can honestly say that I have yet to see someone with as remarkable a gift as Lynn’s when it comes to identifying causes of disease. She is truly amazing!”     Eram Saeed, Host of Global TeleSummit From Heartache To Joy

1st session:   “I was diagnosed with Lymphedema my whole adult life and suffer from painful and swollen hips, legs and ankles. I have tried everything – lymphatic massage, pills, chiropractic, you name it! After the session I could tell that my ankles were no longer swollen, there was definition to my ankles and my ankle bone was visible! My legs felt light and as I looked down at them they looked like normal women’s legs. I took a look in the mirror and was very pleased at by 5pm in the afternoon they were not swollen nor uncomfortable. I measured my legs days later and they were smaller from what they usually are. I also had a terrible headache before starting this session and my headache was gone as well!”    2nd Session:   “I felt that I had lost at least 10 lbs after this session!  I looked in the mirror and felt great and my work clothes were loose. Even a week after the session, my legs still look great and everyone is noticing and my upper thighs are down another ½ inch! I have always had pain on the outside of my legs when I touch them lightly and there is very little pain anymore.”  Carrie T., Pittsburgh, PA

“I had been having rashes all over any exposed skin from the sun and nothing helped. During a session with Lynn the word Porphyria came up and she looked it up only to find out it is where vampirism comes from – stepping out into the sun causes a rash that breaks open the skin and weeps. I live in Atlanta where summers are in the 90’s with high humidity and I had to wear long sleeves and a hat. It is all better now – I can sun bathe again!!”   Anita Y., Atlanta, GA

“I have been suffering from and dealing with several different long-term health issues with great frustration and no resolve from the medical community. I have been chasing symptoms and working with several alternative practitioners for years as well, only to have temporary success that has come and gone and limited answers to many questions. In only one session and one follow up Lynn Waldrop has been able to make sense of my crazy symptoms and put the pieces together of the unsolved mystery I have been trying to figure out seemingly…. Forever! Lynn was able to give me thorough information in several different areas of my health and create immediate change in my body. Her intuitive ability is uncanny! I am so grateful for clear and precise answers and long awaited relief! I am very comforted and confident to have Lynn as a referral for friends, family and my my client base. I encourage anyone who is fed up with mis- diagnosis or unanswered questions and strange symptoms to work with Lynn. She has an amazing ability to communicate directly with the body and contribute information that most practitioners could not even imagine let alone have proper testing for. I have been active in healing and alternative medicine for over 15 yrs and have not come across anyone who matches Lynn’s talents and abilities. I am infinitely grateful. Thank you, Lynn!”  Cathleen M., Smyrna, GA

“Lynn’s ability to accurately gauge issues that have plagued me for years is amazing! She found spinal vertebra out in my upper neck causing severe pain and issues with my teeth. My face no longer hurts and my teeth are no longer loose the very next day. She picked up on sluggish liver as well as remnants of an STD that I contracted over 20 yrs ago and cleared it out of my system. She also accurately saw a calcium imbalance that I have been addressing for years. I noticed a marked difference in my skin tone within 2 days.”  Leona M, South Carolina

“I received an energy session from Lynn, and as a side note … Lynn has known nothing about what I had going on with my abdominal / colon region. So I had the session and that evening my abdomen had felt “smoother” than usual. I had talked to Lynn the next day and she told me what she “saw” and was led to work on… she had gone into my colon and noticed “polyp” like areas and removed those, then noticed a “tear” and sealed that up. I began telling her that for years I had abdominal / colon issues from being anorexic and bulimic and using too many laxatives that had ruined my colon and perhaps even a “tear” from it. I was amazed and quite relieved that it was almost like she could go in energetically and “clean up” and “sealed up” my colon. I was told a few years ago I had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and solid bowel movements are a rare occurrence.  That night it was solid and my colon function is working so much better and the area still feels like it’s running “smoother”! Thank you so much Lynn for your talents and abilities!” Sara Z., Atlanta, GA

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