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Eyesight:  My sister just listened to it (the eyesight mp3) once and she says she was able to get up two days ago, in the middle of the night to go the bathroom without the need for her glasses, as she only sees shadows without them. After another listen, she could make out everything, although slightly out of focus, she could actually see better than ever before!

Weight Loss:  “I have to say,  I am already seeing results from working with Lynn’s mp3s, and I have dropped half a stone in weight since getting the new mp3 for weight loss and combining it with the yeast upgrade. Am now adding in the body boost for skin tightening and getting results.  I jokingly told Lynn in one of my last emails that she could put doctors out of practice”                                 Shenaz

MP3 Results:  Would love to have Lynn & others know how much of a difference her work has made for me.  My right ankle has been so badly swollen for decades that even super-wide diabetic socks cut deeply into it (and I’m not diabetic), so I’d have to cut through the elastic area in order to expand the sock enough to be worn safely.  I know the doctor I have been seeing weekly for several years will be mind-boggled when he sees the results today. I’d just about given up hope that this ankle would ever decrease in size.  Additionally, when I got dressed this morning, my slacks were actually loose on me!!!  Now, that’s a first!!!                          Sharon, USA


The Body Channel is addictive, but this is definitely a good addiction. :)

Kiki, my mother’s beagle, had a beginning cataract. Her left eye was cloudy. I’ve been playing the eyesight audio at least every 3 days.  Yesterday, the cloudiness turned into a pure white dot on her pupil… this morning? GONE!    F. Miller

During your call with Darius all the exercises you did worked me on me, and one of the exercises cleared my blurred vision which I had for a while.  Since then my vision acuity has been sharp and clear and I am very grateful for your healing.  I am now a big fan of you and I look forward to doing a one to one.  Blessings and Love <3 <3 <3

I have worn glasses since I was 12 and now I don;t need my glasses!!!   Marie P, Calgary

Thank you for the amazing eyesight call. I felt lots of energy shifting and I realized right away that I can see thinks which I DIDN’T WANT TO SEE before. My eyes feel lighter, smiley, I have more energy and excitement in my body. And also for the first time I KNOW that my eyesight is healing. It’s tangible!  …  Your work is true magic to me    Jitka K.

…EVERYTHING is just better!!! Sinuses better and hip, leg and knee pain totally gone!!! Judi M.

My body is lapping up the vibrations and can’t seem to get enough! I’m sure I’ll reach a saturation point, but for now, I am awestruck by how “thirsty” my cells seem to be for this input!!! … it’s just yummy, yummy, yummy. Sue T.

Thank you so much for all the work you did on me, words cannot do justice to how I feel at the changes your work has made to my life. I have seen things that I had been told I experienced due to “my nervousness” disappear, so obviously they were not to do with nervousness. things I thought were “normal” I now see were symptoms. Helena L.

I feel a lot more energy than I have in a long time! The mp3s help tremendously!! Marcie C.

Lynn was SPOT ON! Jana E.


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  • Total Body Cleanse – an upgrade from “Yeast Release” this one covers yeast, fungus, parasites, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, radiation and heavy metals!
  • Nerve & Spinal Re-Boot
  • Connective Tissue & Joint Jazz-Up
  • Cardio Clean-Out
  • Lymphatic Drainage Flush
  • Respiratory Re-Boot
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One of my gifts is that bodies love to talk to me! Whatever is going on in your body that is causing dis-ease or discomfort, Your body will will show me as well as how to change it!  I have been called a “Medical Intuitive on Steroids” and my clients are enjoying pain free release from the issues that have plagued them for decades sometimes!



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Nov 16

Here’s what Dr. Mark Armstrong, ND (Naturopath & Acupuncturist) has to say:

“Lynn’s remote healing evaluation was right on track. I am a Naturopathic Doctor and I use Biofeedback to evaluate my clients. Both Lynn and the Biofeedback found the same patterns and pathogens – what a gift!!  I never mentioned to Lynn that I had a herniated L4/L5 vertebrae in my spine and she picked up on an attachment locked in L4. That’s better than an X-Ray or MRI because she got rid of the attachment and my back feels better! Now that’s a Medical Intuitive, I believe!“         Dr. Mark Armstrong