The Body Channel LIVE Experience is Here!!!

Hello my friends!! I am so excited to announce the first Body Channel LIVE Experience Aug 21-23 in Atlanta, GA!!  Whooohooo!!!  This event is for EVERYONE – it is for both self-understanding & growth AND/OR as a Level 1 training for those who would like to open up to their medical intuitive talents to help family and friends, start a career, or incorporate it into your existing practice.

Early Bird Special Pricing through April 30 ONLY!!



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The Body Channel Monthly Group Calls

April is for getting some Sleep on The Monthly Group Calls

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NEW Body Channel mp3’s available in the Store

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Upgraded Body Systems 8:

  • Nerve & Spinal Re-Boot
  • Connective Tissue & Joint Jazz-Up
  • Cardio Clean-Out
  • Lymphatic Drainage Flush
  • Respiratory Re-Boot
  • Urinary & Reproductive Re-Boot
  • Brain Balancer  **Just added
  • Bone Builder  **Just added

Body Systems 8


One of my gifts is that bodies love to talk to me! Whatever is going on in your body that is causing dis-ease or discomfort, Your body will will show me as well as how to change it!  I have been called a “Medical Intuitive on Steroids” and my clients are enjoying pain free release from the issues that have plagued them for decades sometimes!