Where in the World is Lynn?!


I call this “Take a Dive into Health” because that is exactly what happens.    When I work with people I literally dive into the 13 systems of the body:  Nervous, Endocrine, Circulatory, Muscular & Connective Tissue, Organs, Digestive, Lymphatic, Immune, Reproductive, Respiratory, Urinary, Skeletal & Interaugmentary.  For most clients it is as if I was literally shrunk to whatever size I need to be to pass through that part of the body.  The body talks to me the entire time showing me problem areas and turning on whatever frequencies are required to change it.   Some of the most common ailments I have worked on are:

yeast over-growth; spinal adjustments; cleaning out arteries and veins; tuning the endocrine system including the thyroid, pancreas and ovaries;  heavy metal detox;  immune system boost and clean-out;  fever reduction;  soothing symptoms of ALS, IBS and other digestive issues and much more!!!   All of this from the comfort of your home, the work is done completely remotely.  We set up and appointment, I contact you when I am about to start, then I contact you again when it is over.  Most bodies can only handle about 45 minutes of work and then we talk about what you experienced and what info your body gave me and what I worked on.  Most clients can feel me moving quickly from place to place within the body and it is amazing how much the 2 experiences match up!

“I received an energy session from Lynn, and as a side note … Lynn has known nothing about what I had going on with my abdominal / colon region. So I had the session and that evening my abdomen had felt “smoother” than usual. I had talked to Lynn the next day and she told me what she “saw” and was led to work on… she had gone into my colon and noticed “polyp” like areas and removed those, then noticed a “tear” and sealed that up. I began telling her that for years I had abdominal / colon issues from being anorexic and bulimic and using too many laxatives that had ruined my colon and perhaps even a “tear” from it. I was amazed and quite relieved that it was almost like she could go in energetically and “clean up” and “seal up” my colon. I was told a few years ago I had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and solid bowel movements are a rare occurrence.  That night it was solid and my colon function is working so much better and the area still feels like it’s running “smoother”! Thank you so much Lynn for your talents and abilities!”
Sara Z., Atlanta, GA

~About Lynn Waldrop~

Lynn Waldrop is a Certified Therapist in Color Therapy, Sound Therapy including Cyma Therapy & Tuning Fork Therapy, an Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator and Body Class Facilitator and Reiki Master.  She empowers you to create and generate change in your own life & body, utilizing an array of Vibrational Healing techniques. Contact us today to begin your transformation!