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Upgrade: Prepare Your Body For Flu and Cold Season

Boost your body’s line of defense for the most common viruses, bacteria and parasites — Especially the ones that hit you the hardest at this time of year like the flu, colds, upper respiratory, pneumonia, bronchitis and more. In this Live Call we will boost the organs of the Immune System, Boost the 3 lines of defense and boost your natural immunity!

Join Lynn on October 12th at 6:00pm Eastern for a special call to upgrade the Energies in your Immune System for Flu and Cold Season!

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How to Unlock your Blocks, Unwind the Autoimmune Epidemic & Re-Ignite Your Healthy Body

Lynn had so many client sessions dealing with Autoimmune symptoms that she had to check in with the energies. She pulled in 10,000 random bodies from around the world to play with and found that 10% actually had been diagnosed with an Autoimmune disorder. However, 90% of the bodies had Autoimmune symptoms!!!!

She created this series as a way of helping those whose body’s are attacking their own tissues; disorders such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Interstitial Cystitis, Grave’s Disease, Type 1 Diabetes, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis & MUCH MORE!

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"I have been told I will never get off my thyroid medicine, but was determined to kick it to the curb. A friend recommended Lynn’s Detox programs (I listened to Happy Hormones the most) ecstatic to say, I am medicine free for the first time in 8 years! Yay – My hormones work now, lol. I looped this mp3 daily." – Robin on Happy Hormones

I believe your Energy Work has helped my body lift itself into a higher frequency vibration and out of the throes of Gut Issues.. They said I had IBS but all tests showed nothing wrong... Yet I had Diarrhea & Constipation & Horrible Gas Pains & Colon Spasms... I feel so Much better now than I did in the last year & 1/2... I still have some allergy or triggering reaction to certain foods, dairy, Salads, Fried & or greasy foods... But they are waning.  I will continue to listen everyday until my body tells me to stop.  The Colon Cleanse, Happy Hormones & Total Body Cleanse feel like warm blankets soothing me daily! I intend to play these on my trip to visit with family over Nov-Dec... And help my family... Mom, Sisters, Brother, Whoever is around. This Buddy System Program was a God-Send for me... You are a God-Send!  I look forward to budgeting to purchase the MP3 that will help my joints... Bone-on-Bone Knee joints & Carpal tunnel in Both wrists...and Rotator Cuffs with Limited ROM from several falls & Surgery! But The carpal tunnel makes me cry... And I believe the Buddy MP3s are helping some with these three issues, if I heard you correctly!” – Alamar F

"Thank you for this Detox Series. I feel stronger & healthier over-All now! The Detox series has re balanced my gut & IBS has sub-sided. I am now able to eat more foods and my belly has shrunk!"  – Alamar F

“Wow! My intestines loved this Lynn. I could feel movement as you described where you were working and had lots of happy gurgling going on. Wow! Wow! Wow! –  Sandy, New York on Colon Clean Up

“Today I noticed that when I listen to your colon clean-up , I feel fresh and clean like when I eat a yummy healthy salad. So it must be doing something good! Judy on Colon Clean Up

“I feel great! I felt you working in my intestines so I know I needed this. Thank you so much!Janice H on Colon Clean Up

“I Was recently "cured" of Hepatitis C. They only thing that I have done differently is play the Detox mp3’s. Thanks Lynn!"Rich T.

“I had a rash on the back of my neck for almost a month. Was told could be chemical toxins in the air. I was never 100% what it was from, but the Toxin recording cleared it right up!" – Rosanne


“My mother passed away 3 years ago and when she left us, she was in bad shape. This included severe swelling around her hips and knees. When she passed, I began having trouble walking without feeling pain in my legs. Someone told me I was holding on to her pain. The Inflammation recording has been a life saver for helping me get rid of holding on to my mother’s pain. My legs are feeling back to normal now. Thanks for all you do!” –Taya

“ I love that I can eat whatever I want without bloating. The trick is to loop the Inflammation Mp3 ;)” –Julie

“I'd like to thank you for the difference you have already made in my life. I've been listening to the Detox MP3s and I already feel less sad, less heavy and there are parts of my body that are starting to come alive! -Maria L.

“I have had bouts of arthritis, it is getting better when I listen to this mp3 often!”  - Valentinah On Inflammation Elimination

““I have just come out of having shingles and is program has helped my acne which went totally crazy with my body trying to deal with the pain which caused more stress hence the acne!” –Brenda On Detox 5: Inflammation Elimination

“ I used this last night after I got food poisoning, I played it quietly at night, it helped to move everything quickly through my body. Feel good this morning.” Brenda on Detox 5: Colon Clean-Up

“Just some great feedback. I have been listening to your total body cleanse, toxin detox, colon clean up and inflammation elimination for over a month now on a regular basis. Previously (before listening to the mp3's) when my tummy was massaged, I experienced slight pain and a lot of wind in my lower abdomen. Today (a month after) I felt really good while my lower tummy was massage. She was able to work deeply and there was no pain or wind!!!! How amazing is that???? Thank you heaps!!” – Jaya on Detox 5

“This was an extremely powerful detox for me. I could feel the energies working through my body. I have had pain under my rib cage. The energies homed in on this area particularly. I can feel it is still being worked on, being unraveled.” – Sandy on Total Body Cleanse- Detox 5

“The best one for me!! I haven't been able to wear my wedding ring for about 2 years due to inflammation. I did this detox before sleeping. The following morning,  It just slid on, no problem at all!!Thank you so much. Such a blessing.” – Sandy on Inflammation Elimination- Detox 5”